Verdant Spirit C°

Our Story

The Spirit of Dundee

Dundee has had a long and successful association with the spirits trade for almost 200 years; Stewart’s Cream of the Barley, O.V.D Rum and Watson’s whisky warehouse and infamous great fire of 1906. So, we were truly surprised to learn that there has not been distillery in the city for almost 200 years - well, a legally licensed one at least. 

We have tried to build on that old spirit of the city’s industrial and entrepreneurial past and are proud to fill the gap in founding Verdant Spirits and producing the first and only gin that is distilled here in Dundee.

We hope you enjoy it.

Inspired by Dundee's bold character

Throughout its past, Dundee has bred a certain, distinct character and individuality into its people – from the seafaring Jack Tars of the whaling fleets to the bread-earning women of the Hilltown, who were the backbone of the jute mills and of many family lives.

After gaining a post-grad MSc in Food & Drink Innovation, where the seed of the distillery idea was first planted, our founder Andrew was further fuelled to make the dream a reality. As you might imagine, there’s a been a great deal of thought gone into the design and choice of our distillation equipment and processes, and he decided early on to stick to the ethos and heritage that comes from our location. Based in a former engine house of one of Dundee’s old mills that housed some of the most cutting edge machinery of its day, we followed in this history of innovation in opting for one of the new generation of stills – a 500 litre iStill. Not perhaps the prettiest, but a still that simply performs the best possible job for the production of the best possible spirits. After many years of working in Formula 1, Andrew learned to appreciate the importance of focussing on the end result, and using the best tools to achieve it. So, we use traditional methods, mixed with modern technology, and an attention to detail to create what we believe to be a truly luxurious dry gin. We like to think you will too.